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Why Does It Matter?

Why does it matter? What difference does it make if Hope for Addiction exists? What impact is really being made? It isn’t enough to simply report that more than 24 people each week are attending the support group meeting in Gilbert.

Why does that matter? This is why is it matters… Because Hope for Addiction is here, reaching people with the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ, six mothers are now being responsible for a total of twelve children. A short time ago these moms were living irresponsibly, bringing harm and damage to their families while being consumed by addiction. One of these moms now has the joy of being grandma to her two grandchildren. There are children who are not in the care of the state because their mothers are now sober and living for the Lord. Two men are no longer absent from their children’s lives (representing seven children and two grandchildren). Families are being restored and rebuilt, people have the support they need to face the wreckage they have caused and are learning how to live life without substances. Many now have stable jobs and are paying taxes and tithes. People are finding their place in their local churches and beginning to serve those churches. This is why we are here. This is why we walk with people in darkness so they can live in the light, where Christ brings weary hearts and souls hope, assurance, wisdom, strength, and courage to remain steadfast and faithful, perseverance to fight to do the hard work necessary to overcome addiction. They are living life to please another, the Lord, and no longer living for themselves.

Last year, I received a call from a father looking for help for his 40-year-old daughter who was struggling with an alcohol addiction. He agreed to bring his daughter the next day to our weekly support group meeting so we could visit and determine the next best steps for her. He hung up the phone filled with hope that he had found a gospel-centered option. The next morning he called me. The night before, the same day we spoke, his daughter passed away. Overdose. This devastated father kept saying, “It was only one more day.” He encouraged me to “Keep doing what you are doing. Don’t quit. People need help.”  This is why Hope for Addiction exists and is active in the pursuit of broken and hurting people every single day. People are dying and hopeless, depressed and captive. They see no way out of addiction. Such a tragic and sad loss and we didn’t even get to meet her. This is exactly why we press on, seeking out those who need help and freedom from addiction.

Please pray for Hope for Addiction as we continue to reach broken people. The game changer is Christ and Christ alone. Freedom in Christ = Freedom from addiction. As sure as Christ rose and overcame death, there is always hope to overcome addiction. We are connecting the desire to change with the Power to change!

Thank you for the way you prayerfully support Hope for Addiction. Your prayers are our first line of defense. And, thank you for your financial partnership that keeps us on the front lines proclaiming the good news that people can be free, not just sober.

Because of Christ,


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