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Two Babies and a Wedding – December Newsletter


It’s a Boy!

Danielle reached out, saying if she didn’t get help she would lose her sons and she would die. How do you turn someone away who is willing to leave everything behind to start over? You can’t. And because of the faithfulness of our partners, Danielle and her toddler son were relocated to Gilbert. Two weeks later, David was born healthy and safe. Danielle and her sons moved in with the Clardy family (Melanie is on staff) as we worked to find a more permanent housing solution.
Danielle, Samson and David have settled into a home with a member of her church until a Hope for Addiction house can be opened (see back for details on how you can help). Danielle’s needs are great. She is struggling to find a job, working diligently to learn how to meet the myriad of needs for her sons and sort through the wreckage of her past while moving forward to provide a new life for her family.
Without the daily support of Hope for Addiction, Danielle would not be able to survive. Because of our supporters, this family was saved and they have hope for the future.

It’s a Girl!

Almost five years ago, Caroline came seeking help to stay sober and begin living her life as a new mother to Annabelle. Shortly after she arrived at Hope for Addiction her fiancé passed away from an overdose. Caroline was shaken and grieved to the core, yet that same evening she wanted to attend the weekly meeting in desperate need of support and care from the group! It has been a long hard road with ups and downs, questioning her faith and fighting through her pain. But in God’s great mercy and kindness, Caroline returned and is doing the hard work to be free from addiction. Today, Caroline is married to Zach, whom she met at church, and they recently welcomed a daughter, Cecelia. Caroline and Zach continue to receive counseling, are growing in their faith and are involved in their church.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. John Woodson!

Jen came to Hope for Addiction in a car packed with all of her belongings, hope for her future and fear of the unknown. Jen has persevered and worked hard to build a new life. Hope for Addiction has been with her through every beautiful and difficult step.

A few weeks ago, Jen married John, and her Hope for Addiction family was there to celebrate! Jen and John are active in their church and are excited about their future. Four years ago, Jen was unsure of her future or how to navigate life.

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