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We read headlines like this and we can become numb to the realities of the truth behind them. These are 20,000 people who were lost in hopelessness. Twenty thousand men and women running to substances to mend the ache in their souls. Twenty thousand people who did not understand the dangers or the seriousness of their problem because a doctor was giving them their drugs.

People are dying.

Opioid and prescription drug deaths have increased every year for the past five years. Opioid deaths in Arizona alone rose from 521 in 2012 to 701 in 2015. According to the Centers for Disease Control, fatal drug overdoses outnumbered fatal car crashes and shootings in 2013.

These are people who do not always look like the addicts we think of: living on the street or in drug houses, needles and filth. These are people like you and me. Trying to find hope in a dark and harsh world. Many times a physical injury or real physical pain begins with prescribed pain medication, and people quickly find the medication also assists with emotional pain they are experiencing. Then begins the spiral. Eventually, more medication is needed and the cycle continues.

This seems hopeless. And for so many it is hopeless. But we have the answer! The hope we have in Jesus is like salve to the wounded, broken soul.

Bryan came to the Gilbert My Hope for Addiction meeting last week. He is currently in rehab and had a recent suicide attempt. He is desperate for hope. When he came to the meeting he said he had nowhere and no one. He was afraid to be at the meeting but he knows if he doesn’t do something he will die. Something happened in the meeting. Bryan was loved and accepted. He heard how God, in His kindness, allows us to see our need for Him and He gives us hope and the power to change. This broken, hopeless young man returned to the rehab center with hope. This hope was so evident that people around him noticed. Bryan’s situation remains the same, but he was given a precious gift. Bryan is coming to church this week and our team is working with him to transition into sober living and discipleship. Bryan’s journey will be difficult but he now has a community of people who have experienced change and freedom in Christ and are willing to walk with him, teach him and help him grow in his relationship with the Savior who can rescue.

This is why Redeemed2Repeat exists. Christ came to shatter the darkness with hope and new life. Psalm 139:12 says “even the darkness is not dark to you; the night is bright as the day, for darkness is as light with you” and John 1:5 “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” We bring light and hope to a dark and hopeless world.

Bryan’s journey is just beginning but I have great hope for him. Not because Redeemed2Repeat is here, but because Jesus came to seek and save the lost and bring hope to a dying world. When you invest in Redeemed2Repeat, you invest in people. Individuals, not just statistics. Thank you for making a difference, for allowing us to be here, on the front lines in this battle for souls, for hope.

As we move forward in 2017, we desire to expand and grow programs that have been and are being developed; continue to train and equip leaders to more effectively care for people; grow and fine-tune the discipleship program; and expand to other churches, training and equipping more people to reach their own communities.



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