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More Than A Support Group

When Jamie started attending Hope for Addiction, she told our staff, “I don’t think I can do this sober thing.” After attending for a few months, she began working with a discipleship leader and met with one of our counselors. 

This month, Jamie celebrated one year clean and sober! At the Hope for Addiction Weekly Support Group Meeting, we celebrate with a “Milestone Meeting” in which we highlight God’s work of transformation. We take time to encourage and give each person the opportunity to share how they have been blessed by this person’s life. Jamie has been an inspiration to everyone in the group. After years of struggling, her entire family attended her Milestone Meeting and it was memorable!

Jamie shares her story:
Over the last 365 days, I have grown spiritually through the strength of this community and group leaders who have shown me through scripture and faith an alternative method to handle what life brings every day, good or bad. This group allows me to share my struggles and obtain feedback from fellow members and leaders to create a plan of action to succeed. I am comfortable to be candid without condemnation or judgment. 

The help I have received transfers into my home life to strengthen communication with my husband and daughter. Prior to becoming a part of this group, I felt alone. Now, with the grace of God and my fellow members, I feel accepted and I’m not alone in this journey.  Listening and interacting with other members gives me continued encouragement. I love to encourage others to see how giving yourself to the Lord and following his path fills the void left by our addictions.

Since starting at Hope for Addiction, my understanding of scripture has grown by leaps and bounds, allowing me to recognize my sin and what leads to turning to substances rather than the Lord. I have people to help me work through the struggles and stay the course. Thank you to all the members and leaders of Hope for Addiction. I have friends that are life-changing and I feel loved by all of you.