President and Founder of Hope For Addiction, Inc. Liz Beck

We recently featured our support group leaders on social media so you could get to know them.
I asked my co-worker Tracy to help me write something about our founder Liz. This is the result.

Liz has experienced sufferings and trials in her own life and has trusted the Lord as he has made beauty from the ashes. Liz loves the lost. She isn’t afraid of the messiness of people’s lives and sacrifices her life to love and helps those who struggle with addiction. The Lord has revealed the plans he has set before her and with the hope, she has in Jesus, she carries the burdens of others. She sacrifices her time to meet with countless people and brings hope into their lives.

Liz has brought many people into her home to live, to be an instrument in their growth and new life of change. She shares Jesus, hope for freedom from substance abuse and new life in Christ. She walks alongside people and helps to connect them with mentors, counseling, gives rides, attends court hearings and takes late night phone calls.

Liz attends countless meetings with city and state officials on new committees who see the need for different programs in the valley. She talks with parents of addicts and works with sober living homes. She has started a monthly support meeting for teens. With the wide range of those affected by addiction, she is working hard to reach children, parents, and families.

Redeemed2Repeat started with an idea a few years ago and now has weekly meetings in multiple locations and over thirty people regularly attending. Several Christ-centered churches are interested in starting programs in their cities. There is not a single program out there like Redeemed2Repeat. Where the only step you need to take is one, of faith.

A team has been built to help lead meetings and we are so grateful for the people God has brought to this ministry. Liz lives her life to honor the Lord and help others know Jesus. She juggles the ministry and is a mom of two amazing kids. She seeks counsel for her own life and desires to be an example that pleases the Lord. Her foundation, faith, and pastoral care are evidence that Liz desires to bring the truth and hope that set people free.

Liz, thank you for your love, care, and sacrifice! We are grateful for you and we praise the Lord he has used your life and experiences to reach hundreds of people who would have otherwise been stuck in the identity of the addict.

We are no longer slaves to addiction, we are FREE!

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