IMPACT AZ – Exciting News!

We are truly honored to be a part of IMPACT AZ! Check it out!

From: Jonathan Roe, Mission Increase

Subject: Welcome to Impact AZ!

Dear Liz,

Congratulations!  Your wonderful ministry is one of just 22 organizations chosen to be part of Impact AZ 2018!  You are now eligible to receive a grant based on your tax credit fundraising efforts and results!

Remember, one of the keys to success is to have each donor who supports your wonderful work give a tax credit gift.  A great benefit of being part of Impact AZ is you now have a message:  You’ve been chosen; you’re in; and you’re now eligible to receive additional grant funds!  Spread the word!  

At the awards ceremony, next May, 50% of Impact AZ organizations will receive a grant!  A $50,000 gift will be given to the organization that increases the most in tax credit dollars over the previous year, and multiple awards of $25,000, $15,000, $10,000, and $5,000 will also be given.

Once again, congratulations and way to go!  We look forward to Impacting AZ, together!


Jonathan Roe & Doug Pillsbury

You can IMPACT AZ! Choose where your taxes will go! Details HERE!