How To Save A Life

  Faithful partnership changed a life and brought HOPE through Jesus Christ!

Jenna came to us after leaving a long-term treatment program. At 25 and a single mom, she is uncertain and told us “I don’t know how to do anything.” She struggled to find a job because she was afraid and did not know how to interview or even have the courage to walk in the door of a business. She knows she will not make it on her own.

Because of the support from our donors, Jenna is receiving the help she needs to begin her new life. Jenna has a job, has daycare arranged and is looking forward to starting her new job this month.

Why is this so amazing? Jenna’s parents are still living in their addictions. Some of her earliest memories are of parties in her home. Growing up she had to fend for herself and has had no training for life or parenting. Jenna walked away from that life knowing she and her four-year-old son would not survive. Jenna now has the support, discipleship and tools to live this new life and be the mom she never had. This would not be possible without people who partner with us!

We are thankful for those who have been a part of Jenna’s journey, not just to stay sober, but be free! The road ahead is daunting, but because of supporters generosity, Jenna and her son Ben have what they need to move forward in freedom.

This is why Redeemed2Repeat exists! We are truly thankful for each hero that has been part of giving Jenna and Ben a new life. Because of our supporters they are not a statistic. They now have hope for the future and Jenna is no longer lost in addiction!

YOU can bring HOPE & CHANGE to someone battling addiction!
A group of generous partners offered to match up to $1000 per month for the next year!
Our goal is to raise $1000 in new monthly or increased monthly gifts, giving us $2000 a month to meet our budget.

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