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Liz Beck
Liz Beck President/Director

The most insane time of my life began in 2007. My husband had become so unstable in his addiction there were days I didn’t even know where he was. Those days were actually peaceful for my two children and me because at least our home was quiet. When he was there, we didn’t know what was going to come next. Life was crisis calls, police and emergency vehicles, and unruly behavior that was becoming more combative each day. We had tried rehab after rehab, hospital after hospital, counselor after counselor and program after program. Some things appeared to work for a time, but within a few months, we were back in the cycle of chaos. But in this darkness, a beautiful thing happened. My church family rallied and cared for me and my children. They cried with us, they sat in hospital waiting rooms, they took frantic calls and even saved the day with an impromptu birthday party for my son after his birthday was wrecked by yet another incident.

During these months of mayhem, one thing was certain. I was in the care of a loving God Who was not unsettled by the chaos and was completely in control. My pastors met with me almost weekly, and my closest friends cared for me in a way I had never experienced before. Although no one had all the answers, they didn’t shy away from the mess. They were in it. All the way! For years I had felt alone and even lost my closest friends TWICE due to the turmoil of my life. But these friends did not seem afraid. And the messiness of my life was spilling over onto them day after day. They didn’t run. They stood with me.

Experiencing God’s love through His people in this way changed me. I felt hope. And in all the devastating circumstances that ended in the failure of my marriage, God restored my life. He gave me hope. He changed me. He filled the emptiness and brought light into the dark places of my heart.

As I began to rebuild my life after divorce, God began to stir in me a desire to help people with addictions and began to unfold a vision for something new, something like what my church had done for me. There are many programs for addiction. There are programs for prevention, some for crisis, many for treatment, but there isn’t much available for what happens after rehab. How does someone actually live in sobriety and freedom? How do people live after the devastation of addiction? Literally learning to live life again. So many times we would get through the crisis or the completion of another treatment program but I never knew what to do next. How do we move on? There was so much hurt, so much lost trust, lost money, lost jobs, lost love. How do you do this? Its so hard! On edge all the time, waiting for the next crisis to happen.

But it doesn’t have to look like this. Change CAN happen! People coming out of a life of addiction need a safe place to rebuild. A safe place to talk about their struggles, their fears and a place to heal. They need the church. The church is meant to be the community that people need. So, in December 2013 Hope for Addiction (then named Redeemed2Repeat) was officially launched.

My heart for Hope for Addiction is to equip those who struggle with addictions to understand that they are not defined by their past, but instead by the fact that they are redeemed, set apart, children of God who struggle with sin just like everyone else. Over the past five years, I have been meeting with pastors and others to share the need for strong, gospel-preaching churches to commit to continued discipleship. My own pastor has committed to help by serving on the Hope for Addiction Board of Directors, becoming a partner church to implement the Hope for Addiction program, to welcome those who live in the east valley into our church family, disciple and help them to live victoriously through the power of Jesus Christ. Integration into the local church is the game changer!

I am incredibly serious about helping you.... everyone who knows me, knows you (maybe not by name) but they know my heart to help you: to walk beside you, to encourage you in the faith, to walk through the tough and ugly times, to rejoice in the times of victory. You are not alone! We are imperfect people desiring to glorify God with our lives.

I’ll leave you with this challenge from Colossians 2:6-7 “Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.” This is what Hope for Addiction is all about... helping each other to walk this out.

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Tracy Sevey Administrative Assistant

I attended the first Hope for Addiction meeting in July 2014. My thought was to attend and help others with with their addiction. Shortly after I realized I had a problem with addiction myself. I entered a detox facility and have been clean and sober more than three years. God has grown and changed me from the inside out. I was a Christian but was held captive by addiction. After a year of growing deeper in my relationship with Jesus, I had a desire to reach out to other women who were struggling just as I had. I love seeing God at work setting people free from addiction. Seeing the bondage of drugs and alcohol removed and being bound to Christ is something only God can do.

It is my greatest joy to serve in this ministry. The weekly meetings are encouraging and always point us to the One true God who is able to redeem souls and set them free. I truly believe that the journey I have been on has been for one reason: to glorify God in the ministry of addiction. People are dying, people are craving support, fellowship, mentors, and most of all hope. I am blessed to be a part of this team and I am excited with all the opportunities God is bringing us to reach more people in the community and have an impact for his glory and for people in need. This is the game changer.

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Melanie Clardy Marketing and Events

I had been praying that the Lord would show me the purpose He had for my life in the area of work. I was considering starting a Virtual Assistant business but didn’t like the idea of working alone. I interviewed with Liz and instantly knew that God had placed this ministry in my path.

My past experience includes Women’s Ministry Director for five years and leader of several other ministries in my church. I have a passion for helping people. I love planning events and enjoy spending time on social media. In hearing about the needs of this ministry I knew it was a perfect fit.

I attended my first Hope for Addiction support group meeting a couple weeks after being hired and was inspired, blessed, encouraged and emotionally connected by everything that happened at the meeting. I listened as a father shared his heartbreaking story of losing his daughter; another shared the difficulty of the daily struggle of life with addiction. There was such openness and honesty. I immediately felt connected to this group.

I love the mission and vision of Hope for Addiction and am excited about being a part of this groundbreaking organization that truly supports those battling addiction. It is not just a group of people getting together, it is a family!


President > Liz Beck
Vice-President > Jay Johnson | Vice President, FX4 LLC
Member > Rich Richardson | Senior Pastor, Sovereign Grace Church | Gospel Coalition Arizona Steering Team
Member > Josh Vincent | Senior Pastor, Trinity Bible Church | Gospel Coalition Arizona Steering Team



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Jay and Kelli Johnson
Gilbert, Arizona

Personal greeting/invitation coming soon

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Randy and CeCe Bell
Gilbert, Arizona

Personal greeting/invitation coming soon

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James Hughes
Metro Phoenix, Arizona

"Hi, I’m Jim Hughes from Trinity Bible Church. Glad you are interested in the Hope for Addiction support group meetings. We are men and women seeking to encourage one another as we learn to follow and rely upon the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are excited to see our lives being changed in response to His love toward us. We are committed to help each other turn from addictions to find freedom, hope, and peace in Christ.

Are you tired of the chains of addiction? Are you ready to begin, or deepen, your relationship with the One who died to set you free? I welcome you to join us on Monday evenings. See you there!"

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Dan and Cheryl Wuthrich
Mayer, Arizona

We are so excited that you are checking out Hope for Addiction! Our meeting is held in the library at Mayer Community Church, every Thursday night starting at 6:30pm. We have been serving at Mayer Community Church since 2012 and are affiliated with Village Missions, a ministry with a heart for people and churches in rural North America. We would love to meet or speak with you if you have any questions about our meeting or what makes Hope for Addiction different from other "programs" you may have tried. If you are looking for a loving environment where we share the transforming hope of the good news of Jesus Christ and how it makes a difference in the daily lives of those struggling with addictions, please join us!

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